Because I Love You

Because I Love You workshop

Phrases like “Because I love you” hold a lot of power. That’s why they can be used to exert control. Learn to recognize when words of love are used to abuse.

Because I Love You - Delete

Watch and start a conversation

“Because I Love You” may seem like such a sweet and simple statement, but in an unhealthy relationship, it’s often used as a tool for manipulation and control. It can be a cover for a put-down, a way to assign blame, or a deflection of responsibility. Watch the videos, download the discussion guide and start a conversation that will help you and others learn more about how words are used as control tactics.

Because I Love You - Double Whiskey

Talk to your friends about control statements and help them
understand why they are unhealthy

To help you initiate this important conversation, we have created a discussion guide. It contains questions and answers about verbal control tactics and other unhealthy relationship behaviors. You can use this guide for conversations in the classroom, with groups or teams, among friends or even with loved ones.

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