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Beyond Netflix and Chill: 4 Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Beyond Netflix and Chill: 4 Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

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One Love Heart Blue Written by Writer’s Corps member Kayla York 

Remember when “Netflix and Chill” actually meant binge watching Grey’s Anatomy while inhaling pizza with your S.O? Ahhh, the good old days. Now, it’s association with hookup culture is virtually inescapable. And to be clear, there’s definitely nothing wrong with hooking up! However, if you’re interested in having a low-key date with someone new or your S.O. then you may want to swap Netflix and Chill for sweatpants and [you get the picture]. The point is there are plenty of fun (and affordable) date ideas you can try with your S.O. So, let’s get creative. 

Let’s go beyond Netflix and Chill with these 4 date ideas that won’t break the bank:


1. Try a New Recipe


If you have a stocked kitchen you won’t even need to buy ingredients for this! Improve your communication and culinary skills by choosing a fancy recipe to make together. You don’t have to be the next top chef to enjoy a romantic meal at home, just you and your boo. Earn healthy relationship bonus points for teamwork and nice table decor . Learning to work together toward a mutual goal is the hallmark of a healthy relationship.

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2. Go to a National Park or Museum

If you’re a city dweller change, things up by visiting a local park or a museum. These cost-effective date ideas are an excellent opportunity for you and your S.O. to lose yourselves in the beauty of nature or a new art installation. Wait, so your S.O. is totally into art and nature but neither is your thing. You can make the best of the visit by cracking jokes and recreating the Mona Lisa’s famous smile. Bonus points if you post your pic next to the Mona Lisa and tag @join1Love!

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3. Game Night at Home

4 Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank Learn 4

Don’t feel like attending trivia night at your local bar, bring the fun home by hosting a trivia night in with your bae. The possibilities for questions are endless! Raise the stakes by adding a few questions about your relationship, when and where you first locked eyes then, let the games begin. You’ll have so much fun debating who made the first move that you’ll barely notice the time. Need an icebreaker? Employ the help of other popular games like Cards Against Humanity or Jenga and expect a night filled with lots of laughs and bonding.

4. Create a Joint Bucket List


Who says your relationship can’t be filled with lots of exciting adventures. Are there places you’ve always wanted to visit? And are there things you’ve always wanted to try (skydiving, anyone)? Why not invite your bae over to come up with a few ideas for a joint bucket list? Now that’s #relationshipgoals.  

Start by creating your own bucket lists for each of your own individual goals. Pick the top 5 goals from each list and combine them to make a joint list. Earn extra healthy relationship points for using healthy communication habits to communicate your needs while recognizing when your S.O. is just not that interested in participating in a goal. In healthy relationships, couples are comfortable comprising when it makes sense and recognizing when it’s time to try something solo. 

Do you have another awesome date idea? Please share it with us in the comment section on Facebook!


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