Relationships 101

Do you know the 10 signs?

The 10 Signs can show up in different ways. Here are some examples.

Boundaries are essential to relationships because they set the basic guidelines for how you should be treated. Learn how to talk about your needs and clearly communicate when boundaries are being crossed.

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Safety & Break-up Planning

Always trust your gut: if something feels off about a situation, then it probably is. Trusting your gut can help you recognize red flags earlier and set healthy boundaries from the start.
What is Safety Planning?
Why is Safety Planning important?
It's OK to ask for help

Whether you’re looking to leave a relationship or not, having a plan in place to keep yourself self during and after a break-up is key. The most dangerous time in an unhealthy or abusive relationship is post break-up.

Relationship mantras

Healthy reminders to help you love better. Download these images for your Instagram story or phone background.

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