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Be a One Love Student Leader!

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One Love teaches about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships and empowers individuals like you to bring this education back to your friends.


Students can be a part of: Leadership Events and Skills Trainings, National Ambassador Programs, and a Network of Like-minded Student Activists. Together, we can help prevent abusive relationships and show others how to love better.

Join an event to build your leadership skills

To get started, register for the upcoming events that are right for you. You'll get the tools and skills you need to become a student leader.

High School Leadership Camp

Baltimore, MD (June 23rd)
Bay Area, CA (July 14-15th)
Boston, MA (June 30th)
Los Angeles, CA (July 21-22nd)
Seattle, WA (July 19th)
Virtual (July 11th)

This summer, we’re hosting in person and virtual summer student leadership camps. You will leave with the tools and resources you need to advocate, educate, and rally your community for healthy relationships. Note: We have stipends available on a need basis. Learn more

College Kickoff
July 17th 2022

This summer we’re hosting a half day kick off session to prepare you to engage your campus this year. Learn how to advocate, educate, and rally your community for healthy relationships. Learn more

Can't make an event but still interested? Technology or work getting in your way of participating? Email us at

Year-Long Ambassador Opportunities

Represent One Love in your community by becoming an official ambassador. You can also start your own One Love club at your school or campus. Need additional support or accommodations to join these programs? Email us at

Teen Ambassador

Calling all high school students! Join this year-long program to get trained about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and learn how to bring this education back to your school. You’ll also get valuable college/career readiness skills and meet a network of passionate young activists in your area.
Monthly Commitment: 4-10 hours
More info coming soon

Campus Ambassador

College-aged young people can join our year-long Campus Ambassador Program for help bringing One Love to your college or university. You will also get leadership skills and tools to build a network of peers and adults.
Monthly Commitment: 4-10 hours
More info coming soon

Brand Ambassador

Young people ages 18-24 can join our year-long initiative to represent and promote One Love on TikTok and Instagram. Whether you’re a social media trendsetter, One Love enthusiast, or simply want to share your passion for healthy relationships, we’re here to help you carve out an inclusive space online to amplify our mission!
Monthly Commitment: 2-5 hours
More info coming soon

See how other students are bringing One Love to their community:

“With One Love, I have been able to customize workshops with my Team One Love Club members. We used pop-culture clips from modern films to talk about the 10 signs of a healthy and unhealthy relationship and all the other things that happen in the college setting like hook up culture. I’m so proud of the education we were able to bring to the Cornell community!”

Sydney Browne

“As a teenager in today’s world, I have seen the way that unhealthy relationships have been depicted and glorified in the media. Today’s youth have to juggle navigating hook-up culture, staying safe online, and more. One Love has given me the tools and resources to educate myself and my peers on how to Love Better.”

Dakota Bartley

“I didn’t have to stay in a relationship just because I loved them. At the end of the day, just loving someone isn’t enough. There are so many other important aspects (communication, respect, etc.) that help keep a relationship, whether romantic or platonic, afloat! Another important thing that I wish I knew is that you are still allowed to be your own person in a relationship! You can have your own hobbies and interests apart from your partner. From being in a previous relationship, and my relationship now, I’ve realized that it is so important to learn from mistakes/mishaps and to grown together from them! The more we learn, the better we love.”


One Love Clubs

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Educational Workshops

Ready to jump in but don’t want the commitment of a year-long ambassador program?