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Let’s get this conversation started


One conversation can open a young person’s eyes to healthy or unhealthy relationship behaviors that they never before considered. Use the guide below to start the conversation.


Planning the conversation for the future? No worries, we sent a copy of the Talking to Young People discussion guide to your inbox and tips on how to plan the conversation.

In this guide you will find

  1. Questions as well as a brief description of unhealthy relationship behaviors
  2. Links to different videos and One Love assets you can use to structure the conversation
  3. Questions and teaching points that will help you start a conversation with a classroom, group or sports team, or loved ones
  4. A quick feedback link so those in your conversation can tell us what they learned

Don’t forget: we want to hear from you, too!


After you have the conversation, tell us all about how it went in this quick less than 5 minutes feedback form.

Learn to define the gray areas between love and control with our #ThatsNotLove campaign.