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Define the Consequences
If the pattern continues and your partner consistently ignores your boundary, it’s time for a more serious conversation. Take the time to assess how important this boundary is for you. You do not have to compromise your boundaries to continue a relationship, but it’s important to have a conversation with yourself about what will happen if the breach of boundaries continues. You might have to decide if you’d like to continue with this relationship or if it’s the best fit for you. This can be the hardest part, but you deserve privacy and the space you want in your relationships.
Stick to the Boundary
You may have to communicate your boundary with your partner more than once. Remember that your boundaries are worth advocating for and your comfort is important, even if having the reminders can be nerve wracking. It can be hard to set a boundary and stick to it, because we worry about losing the relationship. But if someone makes you feel guilty over setting a boundary, or pressures you to change your mind, that’s a red flag!
Have the Conversation
Be honest with your partner about the behavior you want to see changed and why this is affecting you. Prioritize “I” statements and your feelings. Lead with something like, “I feel uncomfortable when I have to share my password with you. I know we’ve been okay about in the past, but having that privacy is important to me.” Or, “I feel claustrophobic when you blow up my phone nonstop, could you hold off until I’m done with class?” You have a right to communicate how you feel, and in a healthy relationship, the other person will listen and understand.
Identify the Boundary
Do you get knots in your stomach when they check your phone without permission? Do you feel disrespected by something they’ve said over the phone or texted you? Or were you okay with sharing your passwords with your partner, but now you feel different about it? Take note of how you feel about what’s making you feel uncomfortable. Ask yourself if this is important to you and for your relationship to set this boundary. Don’t be afraid to set new boundaries or change the ones you’ve had in place. People and relationships change, so take that time for yourself to explore how you feel and what you want to do about it.
One One Love
We are deeply dedicated to our mission and to our team, practicing what we preach and working to build healthy relationships with one another. We help each other get the job done and are inspired by the possibility of what we can do together.
Partnership is in our DNA
Nothing is possible without partners. We work hand in hand with individuals and organizations to educate, and we rely on inspired volunteers to help drive lasting change in their communities. Together we are stronger.
Inclusion and Accessibility
Relationship abuse is a human issue, and we aspire to reach all youth. We create a common language for understanding healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors, and we hold ourselves accountable to ensuring that people of all identities see themselves in this work and can access our resources.
Commitment to Impact
Everything we do is driven by the impact we seek in the world. We are continually learning and evolving by listening to the communities we serve, evaluating our efforts, and iterating to ensure we have meaningful results.
Think Big
We are innovative and bold in the name of accelerating progress. Fear of failure does not keep us from trying something that could be revolutionary. We think out of the box, experiment, and take calculated risks.